Card Holder - Black Marble

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The eye-catchy card holder in Black is expertly crafted from premium Marble print calf leather. Designed with room for credit cards and money bills.

Each piece is unique, as they are carefully chosen natural materials your product may differ slightly from what you see here.

Method 1 - Wrist measurement using a credit card

Note: This method is only appropriate for an approximate wrist measurement

- Place the credit card vertically on a flat surface as illustrated below.

- Place the wrist you plan to wear the bracelet on in the middle on the credit card.

- If credit card is visible on the sides of your wrist, small sized bracelets would fit you best.

- If credit card is completely hidden behind your wrist, large sized bracelets would fit you best.

Method 2 - Wrist measurement using a tape measure

Note: This method is advised for an accurate wrist measurement

- Choose the wrist you wish to wear the bracelet on and wrap the tape measure around the wrist.

- Note the number on the cm side at the point where the tape meets 0.

- To make sure that the bracelet fits comfortably, add 1.5 cm. Depending on whether you prefer a loose or tight fit you can then add or subtract centimeters accordingly.

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